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Research says that an average person sits for almost 6.5 hours/day, which means almost one third of your day is spent sitting. Therefore it is vital that the seating is comfortable, stylish and durable.

SEP Seatings, your partner in world-class seating solutions, offer versatile products that are ergonomic in design, reliable and low-maintenance. As a part of a diversified manufacturing group, ShivSahaj Engineering & Plastics Pvt. Ltd., we possess the engineering experience and expertise to produce high quality fixed seating and educational furniture. Our technical knowhow, highly skilled team, proactive management and latest technology enable us to provide customized seating solutions specific to your needs. Our innovative designs offer both aesthetic delight and functional excellence.


To become a global leader in premium seating solutions by ensuring customer satisfaction through world-class quality, innovative designs, and maximum value.


To become the top partner of choice to the constantly evolving Indian entertainment industry through premium seating solutions that provide excellent comfort, unmatched luxury and superior seating experience.


Mr. Mukesh Agarwal

Founder Director
The brain behind the brand, Mr. Mukesh Agarwal is a very successful real estate tycoon and heads Darshanam Group, a leading real estate company in Vadodara. A self-made man, his keen business acumen and transparency have earned him immense goodwill and strong relationships. His financial, marketing and project management skills are a great asset to SEP and his tenure has seen the Company flourish into the most preferred name in seating solutions.

Nimesh Patel Bio

Great business journeys are created by good businessmen. SEP Seatings was brought to a great height by its Director, Mr. Nimesh Patel! Even though graduated with an MBA degree, Nimesh Patel had a knack for technical expertise. He hails from a business background and after learning and gaining experience at the prestigious L&T Infotech; establishing and setting up his promising former business of coolers, he entered SEP Seatings, bringing with him a variety of experience achieved in various businesses and positions; and skills honed for years.

He views SEP Seatings as not solely a production company, but a service-based company that understands the demands of the customers and thrives to provide the best lifestyle experience to them. So much so that a huge number of SEP Seatings customers approach the company again just to buy some very lavish and comfortable recliners! And he makes sure that the customers are attended to equally same before and after the sale, that is with same respect and politeness.

When Nimesh joined SEP Seatings, the company was limited to providing auditorium and cinema chairs. But after his actively joining the business, within two years SEP Seatings have come a long way by introducing a variety of chairs and diverse options to their customers. A three-employed business now houses more than 25 skilled people. Being a part of the SEP Seatings family, he tried to solve many problems that haunted the company’s success. He contacted the potential clients himself, bringing them on board with his good graces; diligently working towards decreasing the gaps between the inquiries and cultivation of same into the business; and hired skilled personnel to create a full-fledged team of experts.

He believes that even though the growth of the company past these years have been unbelievable, they are still exploiting only 50% of their resources, and aims to bring the number up to 100%, which seems to become true quite soon, given how ambitious he and SEP Seatings are about every product they manufacture. He believes that every project is unique and hence try to understand a customer’s perspective.

It is indeed true that SEP Seatings have been surviving just fine, but after Nimesh Patel, the business became alive and thriving with each minute!

Manufacturing Expertise

SEP Seatings’ manufacturing capabilities turn possibilities into reality. Armed with the latest technology, engineering expertise, and manufacturing strength we help create seating solutions that are not only good-looking but also more efficient. As a trusted partner we navigate the complexities of product manufacturing to provide you with versatile products that are designed for comfort. Our in-house design cum manufacturing proficiency fosters innovation and customization at greater speeds and better quality. The all-under-one-roof process flow ensures reduced costs, smooth operations, and on-time delivery across projects.

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